After spending most of my time building and growing non-profits and writing blog posts for those organizations (NetSAP Boston Blog, NetIP 2008 Conference Blog, MIT CIO Blog), I couldn’t resist but come back to continue writing my own blog. While I was constrained in my old blogs due to my official positions then, I am hoping to speak out my mind here (which is always buzzing with ideas).

So lets see where this goes and how often I write but I hope you’ll enjoy my comments on everything from our mundane life to technology to politics… Meanwhile here are some links from the recent past which kinda tell you what I was upto…

Conferences I have been part of:
MIT CIO Symposium 2009
MIT CIO Symposium 2008
17th Annual NetIP Conference 2008
TiECON East 2007
TiECON East 2006

Quoted in the media or blogs:
The leadership of Mr. T
NetIP: Of speed dating and motivational speeches

NetIP conference in Boston to draw industry stalwarts

eWeek’s coverage of Mobinett – An entrepreneurial venture (video is below)

Other older articles where I was quoted or mentioned:
NetSAP brings ‘Indian Ink’ to Boston in theater effort
Article in India New England on NetSAP’s Initiatives
Interview in Lokvani – A popular publication in New England/Boston Area
NetSAP Promotes Social Growth…and I Have the Numbers to Prove it – A blog post which was a testimonial to whether my initiatives in the organization were working!

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