Just over 10 months ago I got my first Apple product, the iPhone 3G… I couldn’t resist any more then. I guess since this was right after they launched the 3G phone, the device was among the first batch that was manufactured. After upgrading from a primitive Samsung flip phone,I was undoubtedly impressed with my new iPhone… I am not a game addict nor am i crazy about some dumb apps that let me calculate my tip at a restaurant (I think I am smart enough to use my brain for that) but just the iphone interface and utilities such as email (except that I feel handicapped without email search) etc were great. However, initially the phone didn’t do one thing it was supposed to do well – provide quality basic phone service. While my calls were being dropped for no reason, Apple and AT&T were playing their own blame game. The irony was that this was happening on a network which promised not to ruin my calls…

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4 months and 2 software updates later, the issue seemed resolved. And as my luck would have it I was still the man in her world (pun intended :)).

The next issue was the OS itself. I was told by my few mac loving friends that OS-X never ever crashed or hung. On the contrary my iPhone with probably around 10 useful apps on it hung on me several times. And unlike my old phone which I could reset by pulling the battery out, I can’t reset the iPhone the same way. The battery is sealed and the power button is a software switch. So all I could do was wait for the phone to come back alive and let my calls go to the voicemail. Never felt so handicapped before… shake the phone, try pressing all the switches and nothing happens at all. The iphone just “ihung”.

While I got used to these issues, a new issue cropped up… and now its the crack or “icrack” – if you want to give it a mac friendly term. I started noticing that a hairline internal crack developed on the top left of my iphone screen…So the next thing I did was run to the Apple store. If it was any other product, I would have spent hours and days figuring out where/whom to take my phone to. But in this case it was straight-forward. After a quick inspection it was replaced right away with a new iPhone (since the device is sealed tight, there is no repairing, just recycling). No questions asked! If not for anything, I have to give it to Apple for the extremely efficient customer service though.

All in all, the point is that while everyone (Mac Lovers) put Apple on a pedestal and claim it is flawless, we need to realize that it is just another company (perhaps similar to MS) which does build great user interfaces, packages and markets its products well and of course comes up with innovative business models but their software is like any other and so is their hardware susceptible to the flaws.

No one is perfect after all… True with humans and true with companies!