I always tell my teenage cousins that they need to watch what they post on the internet because it could come back to bite them at a later stage in life. I guess adults are no exception. When I found an hilarious example which showed just that, I was so tempted to write this post.

So what exactly happened?

I guess techcrunch, a startup blog (which is totally professional), was either having a slow day or was paid for some publicity so they wrote a post titled “Maybe that Guy Does Need to Get Laid After All“. The post was so not typical of techcrunch because it was off-topic and did not provide any new information at all. As I wrote in my previous blog post “The Oxytocin Effect – A Hug can clinch you the deal” where I mentioned about Vikram’s article on oxytocin, the effects of hormones are somewhat already known.

But anyway, before I digress, some guy posted a comment on the techcrunch article without realizing that his actual name would show up. Immediately after when he realized that he screwed up, he asked the moderators to delete his comment. It never was  and perhaps  never  will. And with people like me blogging about it, he’ll probably be the celebrity tomorrow.

I captured a screenshot in case techcrunch decided to take it off. It is both funny and embarrassing at the same time. See below…

techcrunch commentsNot only did he screw himself but the other commenters did not spare him either. Although this isn’t so serious what we really need to think about is the digital trace that we are leaving on sites like google, facebook and twitter.  Our lives are being captured by the second, every bit of it. They know more about us than our parents or our closest buddies. Not only that if you look at the TOS (terms of service) on most sites, they retain the rights to store your data even after you delete your accounts.

With everyone from recruiters to the girls/guys we ask out on a date scouring the internet for background information, and our history, what role will the digital trace play? Our private lives and wild side are not private anymore!

So the lesson is – watch what you post and never assume you are anonymous. If not for anything, your IP address is always logged!