isf_logoIndia School Fund (ISF), a startup from Harvard Business School, focuses on ensuring effective delivery of community-driven education to break the vicious cycle of poverty in rural areas of India. ISF achieves this goal by developing rural school infrastructure, creating innovative curriculum and training local teachers.

Over the years, ISF has made great progress in India and opened a second school last month. I first got involved with ISF in 2007, when I was the President of NetSAP Boston. Since then I have been advising the ISF team and more recently have been helping them manage the US operations.

The US operation helps in creating awareness, raising funds and providing strategic support necessary for running the organization and the schools in India. We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about this cause to get involved and help us. So reach out to me!

Meanwhile please help spread the word about the organization. Here are the links to our group on LinkedIn  and  page on Facebook !

The recent quarterly newsletter is posted below so you can learn more about what the organization has been up to…