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After the great response to the last event on Digital Homes (attended by over 80 peope), the Semiconductor and Electronic Devices (SED) SIG partners with the Life Sciences SIG to bring this panel on Medical Devices.

With the size of semiconductor devices shrinking and their compute power increasing, a number of new devices and applications are being enabled in the medical and health-care markets. From new ingestible smart pills to portable monitoring gadgets (some of which are being integrated directly into Mobile devices)  to smart beds and scanning equipment, medical devices are becoming smarter and changing the health-care landscape rapidly.

Intuitive Automata Robot

Bluetooth Enabled Glucose Meter microChips Reservoir Array

Bionic Ear

While reference designs and integrated chips from semiconductor companies are lowering the barrier for hardware engineers, new software api’s and platforms are creating opportunities for the software folks alike. According to Databeans, the medical electronics market was estimated to be $124.8 billion in 2009, and is expected to reach a market size of about $208 billion by 2014, resulting in a growth rate of 7.2 percent over the next five years.

There are several opportunities in creating these gadgets, efficiently connecting them to each other (through wireless standards such as Zigbee, Bluetooth etc) and building software applications on top to tap into health-care records.

On Thursday, April 1st, an extraordinary panel of entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists, device experts and investors will discuss these new technologies and potential entrepreneurial opportunities.

Learn how these devices and software are changing health-care, and get useful, actionable information and ideas for starting your own company or planning your next career move.


Anupendra Sharma, Investment Partner, Medical Fund, Siemens Venture Capital, Inc.
Robert Farra, Vice President, Research & Development, MicroCHIPS Inc
Sridhar Iyengar, CTO, Agamatrix, Inc
Cory Kidd, CEO & Founder, Intuitive Automata Inc
Tom O’Dwyer, Director of Healthcare Technology, Analog Devices Inc
John Brooks, Founder, Prism Ventureworks & CEO, Reflectance Medical
Rahul Sarpeshkar, Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, MIT

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Our panel of experts will discuss these new technologies and potential entrepreneurial opportunities in addressing these healthcare challenges.


Anupendra Sharma, Investment Partner, Medical Fund, Siemens Venture Capital, Inc.

Robert Farra, Vice President, Research & Development, MicroCHIPS Inc

Sridhar Iyengar, CTO, Agamatrix, Inc

Cory Kidd, CEO & Founder, Intuitive Automata Inc

Tom O’Dwyer, Director of Healthcare Technology, Analog Devices Inc

John Brooks, Founder, Prism Ventureworks & CEO, Reflectance Medical

Light dinner will be served.

More information and registration: http://boston.tie.org/TGS/EM/viewevent/viewEventPT?id_event=4418