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A while back, I had written a blog on the convergence of hand-held gadgets in which I had talked about the strategic implications as companies encroach each others turf. A recent article in the Economist shows how this convergence is leading to patent battles.  Another post by Nick Bolton in the New York Times includes a few more companies. These figures capture most of it although the semiconductor, mobile infrastructure and other application layer software companies are left out.


What are the implications?

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Making videos for Mobile Apps is definitely not that easy especially if you haven’t dealt with it before. Too many things to take care of from lighting to angles to camera settings to finding the right background score. And the video has to be shot in one or two takes to maintain the context. Anyway, a week, most evenings (plus a weekend) spent in planning, editing and producing using iMovie. So here they are, self-explanatory. For more information on the mobile platform go to

If you were ever at an event, were you curious about who the person close to you is and wanted to network with them, wanted to avoid carrying all the paper booklets and business cards, tweet about the exciting things happening at the event and comment on the posts by other attendees or were you eager to express your opinion to the speakers and the organizers?

Plug, a location-based App and platform for events, one of the first few products from Mobinett Interactive, gets you all this interaction right into your palm. From event information such as the agenda and maps to networking to keeping tabs on all the interesting stuff thats happening around you during the event, Plug offers several features that will engage all the stake-holders in an event – organizers, attendees and sponsors. Plug’s leaderboard makes an event really exciting by  giving it the feel of a game and increasing participation.

Plug is currently in private beta. You can download the Apps on iPhone and Android, or access Plug on any smartphone through a mobile website. Text messaging interface for Plug is also available as an optional feature.

Take the tour and learn more about Plug at

Yet another amazing panel last night on Smart Medical Devices. We had an engaging audience and more importantly, panelists with amazing insights into opportunities in the area. Unfortunately there is no video but here are some introductory slides and also some key takeaways for anyone that is interested in the space (thanks to Anupendra Sharma, Panel Moderator, for compiling these together).


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Stephen Colbert has a very funny take on the iPad which is launching tomorrow. He trades his kidneys to get the iPad because there’s an App that can filter urine…, makes salsa with it and also talks about its features or lack of it… i.e. its inability to make calls just like the iPhone (Something most AT&T and iPhone users will relate to. Read my previous post – More bars in more places…. but no connectivity?). It is hilarious, watch the video!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Update: Read the summarized takeaways from this panel]

After the great response to the last event on Digital Homes (attended by over 80 peope), the Semiconductor and Electronic Devices (SED) SIG partners with the Life Sciences SIG to bring this panel on Medical Devices.

With the size of semiconductor devices shrinking and their compute power increasing, a number of new devices and applications are being enabled in the medical and health-care markets. From new ingestible smart pills to portable monitoring gadgets (some of which are being integrated directly into Mobile devices)  to smart beds and scanning equipment, medical devices are becoming smarter and changing the health-care landscape rapidly.

Intuitive Automata Robot

Bluetooth Enabled Glucose Meter microChips Reservoir Array

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Yes you read it right… and I am not kidding. It costs $1.99 and is available in the Apple App store. It amazes me. How stupid and lame can ideas get? No business model and no technology – just create something really weird, attention grabbing and  that piques curiosity – voila, you have a winner. Even if it is not useful, people will buy it to check it out. How expensive is $2 to try, right?

What with thousands if not millions spending $2, I am pretty sure this App will be an overnight success and rake in the moolah. And with bloggers like me writing about it, its $0 for marketing. Remember ifart? It was the #1 App in the iTunes store and today there are over 15 fart apps available. The cartoon below sums up the lame app scenario well.

America: The harder we fall, the lower we go

America: The harder we fall, the lower we go

So what is Love Vibes App. The developer claims that it is a quantitative tool that measures your love making skill by sensing movement using a proprietary love rating software. And how scientific is it? Here is what they have to say:

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