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I was pleasantly surprised and honored when I was recognized with an Award at the Analog Devices General Technical Conference, an annual internal conference where the entire ADI community comes together. The Award which was instituted this year recognizes innovation that enhances ADI products’ value and most often results in customers selecting those products. Being among the three recipients in a $2 Billion company with approx 8000 employees definitely gives a feeling of some accomplishment.

The More Than Silicon Award

Receiving the Award from Sam Fuller, CTO of Analog Devices Inc.

Here is what Sam Fuller, CTO of ADI, had to say, in his address to the company, about me and the patent-pending software product I created – “Tushneem conceived this idea, developed it and is now continuing to support and evangelize it across the company. Here is a person that has taken to heart some insight that he had and is working really hard to make this a valuable tool in ADI.”


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