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Yet another amazing panel last night on Smart Medical Devices. We had an engaging audience and more importantly, panelists with amazing insights into opportunities in the area. Unfortunately there is no video but here are some introductory slides and also some key takeaways for anyone that is interested in the space (thanks to Anupendra Sharma, Panel Moderator, for compiling these together).


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“Imagine the scenario where there are no more cables running into and inside your home except the utility power line. All the electronic/electrical equipment that you use from phones (mobile and landline) to  Televisions to computers to even electrical utilities like refrigerators, HVAC (cooling and heating systems), washing machines and dishwashers are wireless enabled. These devices can not only talk to each other but can  also be controlled by you through a web-based enterprise software remotely thus enabling you to stream your movies/music, monitor power consumption by each of those devices and decide when and how they should be used.  Even your electrical utility company can collectively monitor all homes in the grid and optimize the power supply during peak hours by either charging you more or controlling the power to your power hungry device. If you have elderly people at home, smart portable gadgets attached to them will transmit their health statistics that can be monitored both by you and their doctors continuously prompting immediate response when needed.”

Smart Grid

Can all these applications and more may become a reality when 4G is rolled out in the next 2 – 5 years?

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