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Yet another amazing panel last night on Smart Medical Devices. We had an engaging audience and more importantly, panelists with amazing insights into opportunities in the area. Unfortunately there is no video but here are some introductory slides and also some key takeaways for anyone that is interested in the space (thanks to Anupendra Sharma, Panel Moderator, for compiling these together).


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The big news today was not the launch of “Droid”, the new iPhone competitor from Verizon and Motorola, but the  free Google Navigation App that runs on it.  Shares of  TomTom fell 20.8% to EUR8.11, setting a new 52-week low of EUR8.06 in the day and those of Garmin Ltd. (GRMN) fell 16.4% to $31.59 today.

This is probably the best example of disruption we’d ever see. However, although this was expected all along (Read my post “The convergence of handheld gadgets and what it means to you“), to see the stock market react so much in a day is amazing.

Does this mean the end of Garmin, TomTom and traditional GPS as we know it?

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